Garden Maintenance and Design Landscaper Indooroopilly

So, you just purchased a new home in Indooroopilly? You are probably already thinking of ideas to makeover the inside to suit your tastes a bit more. You may want to update appliances, or install a new carpet or give those walls a fresh coat of paint. While you’re at it, evaluate the outside. You should love your home both inside and out, and there is nothing better than a stunning garden or lawn to compliment the beautiful structure that sits on it.


Landscape and Vegetation Services (LVS) established themselves in Brisbane in 2015. The owners, Jay and Cindy Wilkins participate fully in every project from the first quote to the design stage, to completion of the job. They pride themselves on their reliability and their thirty-five combined years of experience in landscaping and horticulture. Trust them for your garden design in Indooroopilly.


A Landscaper in Indooroopilly Can Help with Aesthetics


Having an updated, clean yard that clearly sees regular maintenance not only produces kerb appeal for your home, but it just may improve your mood as well. Nobody likes to pull into their driveway and see weeds and clutter, or an unmowed lawn, or a garden in disarray. It’s discouraging for homeowners, who might feel much better if they drove up and saw something that made them smile. It can also be frustrating for your neighbours if your yard is unkempt. Having your neighbours complain about your yard can be embarrassing for you or just downright annoying. Avoid the problem and hire a landscaper in Indooroopilly.


LVS offers many services. They can do a one-off job if you simply need some weeds pulled, or they can do a more extensive job like a full yard plant out. They offer mowing, planting, vegetation removal, blowing, and many other services. Jay and Cindy would be happy to come to Indooroopilly and give you a quote and tell you exactly what to expect from your landscaper. Visit our Gallery to see what we've got to offer!


Take More Time for Yourself. Leave it to the Professionals


Garden maintenance in Indooroopilly can be time-consuming and frustrating. Yards often go for long periods of time with no maintenance due to weather or just not enough time. How many times have you spent an entire weekend doing yard work when you could be spending it with your family, or away from home enjoying sports or a fun family activity. After working a full week and taking children everywhere they need to go, wouldn’t you rather spend your weekends relaxing? Hire a landscaper and get your time back! Go on holiday, or spend more time working so you can save money for that next holiday. Leave the gardening to the professionals.


LVS is family owned and operated. They firmly believe that there are landscaping options for almost every budget. Both Jay and Cindy have extensive knowledge in the Horticulture business and continually try to improve their education in landscaping and horticulture, but they do love the hands-on aspect of gardening and landscaping. They offer regular maintenance packages or would be happy to do a one-off job where they design and create a beautiful outdoor space you can relax and enjoy.