Our current rates are $75.90 incl GST per man hour + material costs & commercial tip fees. Please note that we have a 1 hour minimum charge.


Accepting An Estimate

Once an estimate is accepted we move into the walk through stage, if necessary. This enables you to ask any questions and makes sure both parties are on the same page. Deposit Slips are then forwarded via email. Once a deposit is paid & cleared, our clients receive a Deposit Receipt, (if requested) showing their payment and the remaining balance owing on completion of the job.

Quite regularly we get asked to do extras that are not estimated for just because we are there and you want it done.That's no drama! This can be carried out there and then, only if time allows.  We do allow a certain amount of time per project however if it is extended too much it can run into other clients scheduled projects. Therefore a return booking may be required.


These extras are added onto the final Tax Invoice in green text. (please  note any extras you may add along the way during your project, will increase your final balance.)

Once the Tax Invoice has been paid you then receive a Tax Receipt of payment( if requested), showing all payments you have made in stages.

Accepting an estimate is also accepting our terms and conditions.

 Garden Maintenance

A little information about our gardening visits!


Our custom gardening visits can be carried out once a calendar month.


* Every garden is unique and every visit entails a different amount of care.


* We only charge for our time (labour) spent per service rather than charge a flat rate per visit. This way you pay for exactly what service you are 


* If you choose monthly service, we do try our hardest to attend the same week every month however sometimes weather can delay.

We do require notice as we are always  very busy..

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us on the  link below.

-LVS can provide your turn key landscaping on any new home built.

ABN 33 059 790 528 & INSURED..

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