Landscape & Vegetation Services is a family owned company situated on the south side of Brisbane. Owners & Managing Directors Jay & Cindy Wilkins have a combined horticultural knowledge of 40 years and have worked hands on in both landscape & wholesale nursery industries.

"March 2020 will mark 20 years in which I have been in the Horticulture Industry and almost 20 years Jay has been in the Horticulture Industry. Over this time we have both studied horticulture/nursery, managed clients/staff, learnt many skills, over-come productive pressures & natural disasters and gained plant knowledge under other entities.


Eventually in 2015 we decided to take our knowledge and skills and build from the ground up our very own Company, as you now know as Landscape & Vegetation Services.


As Managing Directors, both Jay and I work in office and on site establishing relationships with clients, from quote stage through to project completion.


Although we never stop learning and educating ourselves in our specified field, we do enjoy creating and watching the stages of a new project come together until completion."


Jay & Cindy Wilkins

Garden Edges/Small Retainer Walls

Deck Oiling/Reviving

Advanced Tree Planting

Garden Bed Installations

 MND-Motor NeuroneDisease                     Running for a Cause

Jay and Cindy Wilkins Half Marathon Fundraiser.



In July, Jay and I ran a Half Marathon (21.1km) around Greenbank and New Beith to raise funds for  MND QLD. This indiscriminate ruthless disease affects many Australians. In the past we have lost a friend to this disease, we have friends that have lost a parent to this disease and friends that have lost mates and work colleagues to this disease. We really do hope that one day there will be a cure to MND. We feel humbled that our donations can get families caring for a loved one, can have that extra bit of support and comfort they need.

We wish you all well and hope together we can all make a positive impact.


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